The Cliche Start

I don’t even know where to start, except that since it’s the beginning of the year and everyone & their mother is “starting fresh” & taking over the gym. Most of them have no idea what they are doing, so they just stand around and chill. Which I’m totally fine with cause it’s a great opportunity to people watch.   Just a side note, I am in no means the gym rat you might be thinking of. I would be right along side with these people if it wasn’t for my sister who would live at the gym if they allowed it.

Anyways…this blog is meant to basically document my “new lifestyle”. I can’t take myself seriously when I say that. What exactly is a lifestyle? If this new lifestyle is waking up at the crack of dawn to sweat, work all day & then crash into my bed around 6:30 pm, then boy am I living this lifestyle!!

No really though. Rebecca, Ashley (our bestie) and I are going to make 2016 our bitch. Before I go on about what our plan is and how we’re going to make a bitch out of 2016…maybe a little background will help you understand why I’m starting this blog.

I’m Alexa. I’m the author of AthleticFat. I’m a 24 year old San Diego local whose weakness is Mexican food and unfortunately for me, its on every damn corner here. It doesn’t help that 50% of these things are drive thru’s so you never have to leave the comfort of your car…or your sweatpants. They make it way too easy to be a fat girl and you know who else loves a good California burrito? My best friend Ashley. Oh boy, are we a combo.

Ashley and I met about 6 years ago over summer. Long story short, I was working with her roommate, we were all the best of friends, then Ashley and I had a falling out with the roommate and boom, its just me and Ash. Fast forward, my boyfriend Jimmy & I move into her condo and we lived together for over 3 years. Over those 3 years I managed to gain 30+ pounds. Yeah…30. What the fuck? I blame leggings cause they are SO damn comfy and stretchy, you don’t realize you’re going up in size. Ughhhh.

Okay so anyways, fast forward to now…Jimmy & I moved out of the condo, as well as Ashley and we’re about 10 minutes apart. We all just joined the gym together and we’re about to make shit happen.

I named the blog AthleticFat because that’s what I call myself. Oxymoron? Kind of. But hear me out. Growing up we were always in a sport. We, being my sister Rebecca & I. She was the soccer player and I was the softball player, and sorry, but I was damn good! I played pitcher most of the time and sometimes first base. When you’re a pitcher you usually get a runner for you so you don’t risk getting hurt. So, I didn’t run much and honestly? I hate running. I quit soccer when I was younger because there was too much running. OOPS. I played softball for 14+ years and so did Rebecca but soccer was her main focus. Anyways, back to AthleticFat. So yeah, I always had tournaments on the weekends and practice during the week so I had an active lifestyle but where there’s tournaments…there’s a snack bar and where there is a snack bar, there was Alexa. So as I grew up, and playing softball, I grew muscle but I also built an appetite. So as I’m building that muscle, I was also growing a tummy. So hence AthleticFat. I have muscle and I can lift weights and I’m not a weenie at the gym…I just hate running & I have a layer (or two) of fat protecting my muscles. So this is my journey of thinning out that wall of protection and letting my muscle see the light of day.

Prepare for the honest truth about this ridiculous new lifestyle of mine. I might offend some people over time (if anyone ever reads this), and I might encourage others over time. I don’t know. I just want to look back at a year from now and think “Damn! I did it.”


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  1. Ashley · January 8, 2016

    My favorite sentence… “where there’s tournaments…there’s a snack bar and where there is a snack bar, there was Alexa.” Love you and can’t wait to start this journey together!

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