One week down…How many more to go?

Oh. My. Gosh. Sore is an understatement. My arms feel like Jell-O and my body aches whenever I move. This working out thing is no joke. Rebecca has been kicking my ass since Monday and I am exhausted. When do you get to the point where you actually feel good and you’re no longer sore? Cause that’s exactly where I want to be and I don’t know if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I do but I sure as hell can’t see it right now.

From Monday to today, I have worked out 6 days in a row. Actually, 7 because I helped a friend move yesterday and that was worse than the gym I think. This past week went surprisingly very well. Except for a donut situation…but I’ll get into that later. I even went to the gym by myself! Yeah. Nobody had to force me. I actually wanted to go. Go me!

Rebecca has a certain part of the body for each day. So for example, Mondays are leg day and Tuesdays are shoulders. Wednesdays are back etc etc etc. And every day I find out about muscles I never knew existed, but I can honestly tell you I feel freaking amazing after we work out. Yeah sure, I’m pissed the F off and I want to punch Rebecca for making me do this, but secretly I appreciate the hell out of her for doing this for me.

Okay so this whole week she has us writing in a journal on what we ate and how we feel. I’ve been doing really well! I’ve been making crazy salads with all this protein and feeling full and energized. That is, until Saturday morning came. Oh god, Saturday morning. Jimmy, my boyfriend, has a sweet tooth.And there is this donut shop down the way that makes these amazing, hot to order donuts. So, we wake up Saturday morning and start binge watching Netflix, you know like normal 20 something year olds. I ask him, what do you want for breakfast? He may or may not have said “donuts sound really good.” -_-. That was my face. You cannot mention donuts to someone and not follow through with getting some damn donuts! So we do it. We go and get some of those warm, perfectly frosted donuts. To my defense, I was heading to the gym right after so I just figured I would stay a little longer than Rebecca and work those donuts off! I had the mind set of not telling her, but if I didn’t, I would probably just spiral down and eat like shit so I was honest with her and she gave me a slap on the wrist. No literally, that B slapped  my hand. I deserved it though. Damn Donut Star!!!

So now, we are starting a new week. Last week and my donut incident is behind us and I’m ready to thrive again. Today is leg day and I’m sure Rebecca will have us doing some ridiculous amount of cardio. Luckily, EOS gym in San Diego has a cinema room so it makes the time go by quickly. I’ll keep you updated on the new parts of my body that ache and I never knew exsisted.

If anyone has any healthy recipes AND work out stations on 8Tracks or Pandora they wanna share, or songs I can download, PLEASE help a sister out!!! Thanks 🙂