Holy. Sh*t

Let me first start by asking you guys, do you know what it looks like at 3:30 in the morning? In the past, I only knew what it looked like that early because I had been drinking and we were just getting home from the local taco shop. And now I only know what it’s like this early because I’m turning my alarm off and getting into my car to go to the gym. What the hell has happened to me? Am I finally starting to enjoy working out and enjoy this “life style.”…Sort of.

The past couple days have been rough. My ENTIRE body hurts but I feel good, and I’m eating healthy but I’m craving sweets? What the? First off, I don’t even like chocolate or anything sweet really, unless its wine 🙂 and while I’m at work, I literally find myself looking at dessert places on Yelp. Seriously, I spend my day staring at pictures of chocolate cake (PS: my mouth is currently watering). It is so bizarre, and I don’t like it because I do not have any will power in me because I’m so tired. HELP. Then there’s my body which hurts all over but I still manage to find a reason & way to get my ass to the gym and work out. It’s probably because when I get there, I get to gossip and chit chat with Becca & Ashley. Mainly just make fun of Becca and piss her off ha.

We’ve been starting our work outs with an hour of cardio. I know what you’re thinking…An hour of cardio?! When I think of cardio, I think of running!! But it’s not an hour of running. Shit, who does an hour of running? I walk, the girls run/walk, and its only tolerable because 1) there’s a cinema cardio room so we get to watch a movie while dying, I mean running. And 2) us girls can talk about anything but recently it’s mostly been about sex and Becca’s HILARIOUS dating life. I love it. I find Tinder & Bumble hysterical and very amusing. If I were single, I would be swiping all day! I want Becca to write a Tinder date book because of all the stories I hear from her and our other single girlfriends. These guys. Good lord. Anyways, we could spend hours talking about this weirdo and that nymphomaniac but I don’t want to spend anymore time doing cardio than I already have to so I’ll easily sacrifice a story or two.

But all in all, I’ve realized a couple things this week. 1) Tinder profiles make for really great gym conversation. NOTE: Don’t swipe & walk.  2) I’ve developed an obsession with sweets. and 3) I need new working out outfits. I don’t know about you but when I know I look good, I feel good & I perform much better. So if anyone has suggestions/hook ups with Zella, Nike, Under Armour, comment below because this girl is desperate!!!! I’m not picky 🙂