So far off track I can’t see the train anymore.

How do people do this? How do I make this a consistent change in my life? I know now I really have to stop drinking. That ruins everything, including my liver. We all stopped drinking for a while and I thought we were doing well but Ashley and I fell off track so badly I don’t even know where to start. I’ve now made it a rule that we cannot go longer than 3 days without working out or some type of exercise because three days turns into 5 turns into 2 weeks easily. I just feel like I can’t have a social life because I would rather be healthy. Being social with my group of friends means having a glass of wine or two that turns into a shitty night out and an even shittier morning after. Take this past Friday for example; we organized this awesome girls craft night with wine & some appetizers and it turned into a drunken mess of a night and we did not touch one craft. Not to mention, I stayed in bed until noon and threw up all morning. Who wants a life like that? I don’t . I’m too old for this shit. (I’m only 24 but feel about 35).

It’s also really hard to get back on track when you’ve already spent all your extra cash on stupid crafts and appetizers for Super Bowl 50. I’m exhausted, hungry and frustrated. And maybe even a little disappointed myself. Actually, super disappointed. We were all doing so well. What happened? Drinking? Lack of drive? I don’t know but I hope this week I find it again and get back on track.