So far off track I can’t see the train anymore.

How do people do this? How do I make this a consistent change in my life? I know now I really have to stop drinking. That ruins everything, including my liver. We all stopped drinking for a while and I thought we were doing well but Ashley and I fell off track so badly I don’t even know where to start. I’ve now made it a rule that we cannot go longer than 3 days without working out or some type of exercise because three days turns into 5 turns into 2 weeks easily. I just feel like I can’t have a social life because I would rather be healthy. Being social with my group of friends means having a glass of wine or two that turns into a shitty night out and an even shittier morning after. Take this past Friday for example; we organized this awesome girls craft night with wine & some appetizers and it turned into a drunken mess of a night and we did not touch one craft. Not to mention, I stayed in bed until noon and threw up all morning. Who wants a life like that? I don’t . I’m too old for this shit. (I’m only 24 but feel about 35).

It’s also really hard to get back on track when you’ve already spent all your extra cash on stupid crafts and appetizers for Super Bowl 50. I’m exhausted, hungry and frustrated. And maybe even a little disappointed myself. Actually, super disappointed. We were all doing so well. What happened? Drinking? Lack of drive? I don’t know but I hope this week I find it again and get back on track.


I’ve hit a wall

You guys. I don’t know how some of you do this. This is HARD. I haven’t been writing much and I haven’t been keeping myself on track. How do you get back on track without feeling defeated? Let me clue you in on what has been going on and why I’ve fallen off the course.

BOYS. End of story. Just kidding. Without getting too deep into my personal life; long story short, went through a minor week long “break” with bae and the last thing I wanted to do was meal prep and go to the gym. Luckily for me, being sad and lonely actually made me not hungry!! Usually, for this Italian/Mexican combo, all I wanna do is eat when I’m sad. So that’s a plus cause I lost a few lbs and felt a little slimmer. Boom! Love that. Now all things are well and I’m finding it really freaking hard to get back to my routine.

During my lonely week, I decided it was a good idea to change my house around so I got all new bedding and a foam mattress topper and my room is just like this huge comfortable zone I don’t want to leave! So you can imagine I think of every excuse possible not to go in the mornings, and then 5 PM hits and I tell Rebecca I suddenly  have a migraine or some ridiculous excuse I can think of. Ugh, the struggle is REAL.

I’m ready to get back on track though. But I can’t help to think, is this going to be a regular thing? Where I go hard for a couple weeks and then something happens and it all goes to shit? How do I make exercise a real priority in my life? And how come I don’t see any progress? I feel it but damn it! I wanna see it!!!

Till then.

Holy. Sh*t

Let me first start by asking you guys, do you know what it looks like at 3:30 in the morning? In the past, I only knew what it looked like that early because I had been drinking and we were just getting home from the local taco shop. And now I only know what it’s like this early because I’m turning my alarm off and getting into my car to go to the gym. What the hell has happened to me? Am I finally starting to enjoy working out and enjoy this “life style.”…Sort of.

The past couple days have been rough. My ENTIRE body hurts but I feel good, and I’m eating healthy but I’m craving sweets? What the? First off, I don’t even like chocolate or anything sweet really, unless its wine 🙂 and while I’m at work, I literally find myself looking at dessert places on Yelp. Seriously, I spend my day staring at pictures of chocolate cake (PS: my mouth is currently watering). It is so bizarre, and I don’t like it because I do not have any will power in me because I’m so tired. HELP. Then there’s my body which hurts all over but I still manage to find a reason & way to get my ass to the gym and work out. It’s probably because when I get there, I get to gossip and chit chat with Becca & Ashley. Mainly just make fun of Becca and piss her off ha.

We’ve been starting our work outs with an hour of cardio. I know what you’re thinking…An hour of cardio?! When I think of cardio, I think of running!! But it’s not an hour of running. Shit, who does an hour of running? I walk, the girls run/walk, and its only tolerable because 1) there’s a cinema cardio room so we get to watch a movie while dying, I mean running. And 2) us girls can talk about anything but recently it’s mostly been about sex and Becca’s HILARIOUS dating life. I love it. I find Tinder & Bumble hysterical and very amusing. If I were single, I would be swiping all day! I want Becca to write a Tinder date book because of all the stories I hear from her and our other single girlfriends. These guys. Good lord. Anyways, we could spend hours talking about this weirdo and that nymphomaniac but I don’t want to spend anymore time doing cardio than I already have to so I’ll easily sacrifice a story or two.

But all in all, I’ve realized a couple things this week. 1) Tinder profiles make for really great gym conversation. NOTE: Don’t swipe & walk.  2) I’ve developed an obsession with sweets. and 3) I need new working out outfits. I don’t know about you but when I know I look good, I feel good & I perform much better. So if anyone has suggestions/hook ups with Zella, Nike, Under Armour, comment below because this girl is desperate!!!! I’m not picky 🙂

One week down…How many more to go?

Oh. My. Gosh. Sore is an understatement. My arms feel like Jell-O and my body aches whenever I move. This working out thing is no joke. Rebecca has been kicking my ass since Monday and I am exhausted. When do you get to the point where you actually feel good and you’re no longer sore? Cause that’s exactly where I want to be and I don’t know if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well, I do but I sure as hell can’t see it right now.

From Monday to today, I have worked out 6 days in a row. Actually, 7 because I helped a friend move yesterday and that was worse than the gym I think. This past week went surprisingly very well. Except for a donut situation…but I’ll get into that later. I even went to the gym by myself! Yeah. Nobody had to force me. I actually wanted to go. Go me!

Rebecca has a certain part of the body for each day. So for example, Mondays are leg day and Tuesdays are shoulders. Wednesdays are back etc etc etc. And every day I find out about muscles I never knew existed, but I can honestly tell you I feel freaking amazing after we work out. Yeah sure, I’m pissed the F off and I want to punch Rebecca for making me do this, but secretly I appreciate the hell out of her for doing this for me.

Okay so this whole week she has us writing in a journal on what we ate and how we feel. I’ve been doing really well! I’ve been making crazy salads with all this protein and feeling full and energized. That is, until Saturday morning came. Oh god, Saturday morning. Jimmy, my boyfriend, has a sweet tooth.And there is this donut shop down the way that makes these amazing, hot to order donuts. So, we wake up Saturday morning and start binge watching Netflix, you know like normal 20 something year olds. I ask him, what do you want for breakfast? He may or may not have said “donuts sound really good.” -_-. That was my face. You cannot mention donuts to someone and not follow through with getting some damn donuts! So we do it. We go and get some of those warm, perfectly frosted donuts. To my defense, I was heading to the gym right after so I just figured I would stay a little longer than Rebecca and work those donuts off! I had the mind set of not telling her, but if I didn’t, I would probably just spiral down and eat like shit so I was honest with her and she gave me a slap on the wrist. No literally, that B slapped  my hand. I deserved it though. Damn Donut Star!!!

So now, we are starting a new week. Last week and my donut incident is behind us and I’m ready to thrive again. Today is leg day and I’m sure Rebecca will have us doing some ridiculous amount of cardio. Luckily, EOS gym in San Diego has a cinema room so it makes the time go by quickly. I’ll keep you updated on the new parts of my body that ache and I never knew exsisted.

If anyone has any healthy recipes AND work out stations on 8Tracks or Pandora they wanna share, or songs I can download, PLEASE help a sister out!!! Thanks 🙂

The Cliche Start

I don’t even know where to start, except that since it’s the beginning of the year and everyone & their mother is “starting fresh” & taking over the gym. Most of them have no idea what they are doing, so they just stand around and chill. Which I’m totally fine with cause it’s a great opportunity to people watch.   Just a side note, I am in no means the gym rat you might be thinking of. I would be right along side with these people if it wasn’t for my sister who would live at the gym if they allowed it.

Anyways…this blog is meant to basically document my “new lifestyle”. I can’t take myself seriously when I say that. What exactly is a lifestyle? If this new lifestyle is waking up at the crack of dawn to sweat, work all day & then crash into my bed around 6:30 pm, then boy am I living this lifestyle!!

No really though. Rebecca, Ashley (our bestie) and I are going to make 2016 our bitch. Before I go on about what our plan is and how we’re going to make a bitch out of 2016…maybe a little background will help you understand why I’m starting this blog.

I’m Alexa. I’m the author of AthleticFat. I’m a 24 year old San Diego local whose weakness is Mexican food and unfortunately for me, its on every damn corner here. It doesn’t help that 50% of these things are drive thru’s so you never have to leave the comfort of your car…or your sweatpants. They make it way too easy to be a fat girl and you know who else loves a good California burrito? My best friend Ashley. Oh boy, are we a combo.

Ashley and I met about 6 years ago over summer. Long story short, I was working with her roommate, we were all the best of friends, then Ashley and I had a falling out with the roommate and boom, its just me and Ash. Fast forward, my boyfriend Jimmy & I move into her condo and we lived together for over 3 years. Over those 3 years I managed to gain 30+ pounds. Yeah…30. What the fuck? I blame leggings cause they are SO damn comfy and stretchy, you don’t realize you’re going up in size. Ughhhh.

Okay so anyways, fast forward to now…Jimmy & I moved out of the condo, as well as Ashley and we’re about 10 minutes apart. We all just joined the gym together and we’re about to make shit happen.

I named the blog AthleticFat because that’s what I call myself. Oxymoron? Kind of. But hear me out. Growing up we were always in a sport. We, being my sister Rebecca & I. She was the soccer player and I was the softball player, and sorry, but I was damn good! I played pitcher most of the time and sometimes first base. When you’re a pitcher you usually get a runner for you so you don’t risk getting hurt. So, I didn’t run much and honestly? I hate running. I quit soccer when I was younger because there was too much running. OOPS. I played softball for 14+ years and so did Rebecca but soccer was her main focus. Anyways, back to AthleticFat. So yeah, I always had tournaments on the weekends and practice during the week so I had an active lifestyle but where there’s tournaments…there’s a snack bar and where there is a snack bar, there was Alexa. So as I grew up, and playing softball, I grew muscle but I also built an appetite. So as I’m building that muscle, I was also growing a tummy. So hence AthleticFat. I have muscle and I can lift weights and I’m not a weenie at the gym…I just hate running & I have a layer (or two) of fat protecting my muscles. So this is my journey of thinning out that wall of protection and letting my muscle see the light of day.

Prepare for the honest truth about this ridiculous new lifestyle of mine. I might offend some people over time (if anyone ever reads this), and I might encourage others over time. I don’t know. I just want to look back at a year from now and think “Damn! I did it.”